With simple and predictable fees.

No hidden costs, no surprises, easy to allocate to quarterly or annual budgets or as part of the IT implementation. You'll know from the start how much the RFP development process is going to cost. I focus on results and not on time spent.

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What does this IT vendor selection process include?

  • Calendar: Overall project calendar
  • Initial call: Call with Business Unit Manager to identify high-level requirements
  • Interviews: 1-to-1 interviews with key users (usually 10-15)
  • Meeting minutes: Detailed meeting minutes from all interviews
  • Business analysis & requirements: Detailed and indexed business requirements
  • Tech analysis & requirements: Detailed and indexed technological requirements
  • Management requirements: Detailed project management requirements
  • Vendor scouting: Initial market analysis of 40+ market players
  • Full RFP document development:
    • Section 1: Administrative section
    • Section 2: Business and technical section
    • Section 3: Management section
    • Section 4: Pricing section
    • Section 5: Evaluation section
  • Revisions: Unlimited revisions of RFP sections prior to distribution
  • Follow-ups: Weekly meetings with BU Manager and monthly meetings with Steering Committee
  • Calls with vendors: 1-to-1 calls to vendors to “sell” the project
  • RFP distribution: Distributed to all relevant parties
  • Single point of contact: With potential vendors and client
  • Q&A: Q&A follow-up with potential vendors
  • Proposal reception: Reception and distribution of all RFPs to internal team members
  • Evaluation guidelines: Preparation and explanatory session with Evaluating Team
  • Evaluation rounds: First and second rounds of evaluations
  • Vendor clarifications: Detailed clarifications issued to vendors that passed the 2nd round
  • Evaluation meetings: In-depth meetings with internal team members
  • Shortlisting: Selection of 3 finalists and reporting
  • Selection Day: Organization and attendance in client’s premises
  • Final decision: Support in final decision of partner
  • Debriefing: 1-to-1 calls with not-selected vendors after final decision has been issued
RFP Development premium selection

For only 3%

of total cost of implementation*

*The full premium selection process for only 3% of the total cost of implementation or ownership (TCO) for projects of 1M€. Selection service done for TCOs from 200K€ (10% fees) to 1M€ (3% fees). TCO is estimated prior to project start and finally based on average provided by the 3 shortlisted vendors at the end of the process.

For further details please visit the FAQ “Fees” section.


Business requirements gathering

Aimed at public and private companies that already have a selection process in place but don't have enough resources at hand to extract and write requirements at the required level. Multi-sector and multi-technology:

  • Analytics, Artificial Intelligence
  • B2B Marketplace platforms
  • Collaboration & Productivity, Content Management, CRM & related
  • Development, Digital Advertising
  • E-Commerce, ERP
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance
  • Human Resources
  • IoT, IT Infrastructure, IT Management
  • Security, Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Vertical Solutions

Market and vendor analysis

Aimed at companies that have a good understanding of business and technical requirements but need an initial scouting and comparison of existing market vendors in order to issue the RFP.

Selection criteria and proposal evaluation

Aimed at companies that need help in structuring the evaluation process and designing objective and comparable criteria for proposal evaluation and vendor analysis.

RFP Development stand-alone services


Starting rate*

*Depending on the estimated number of days required to execute the process, rates oscillate from 325€/day to 480€/day.

For further details please visit the FAQ “Fees” section.

Virtual assessment session

What can we talk about during the call?

Pretty much about anything regarding IT vendor selection, but here are some examples:

  • How do you write the perfect requirement?
  • Do we go for cloud or on-premise?
  • Which one do we root for: waterfall or agile project management?
  • What risks do you see down the road in this implementation?
  • Does this implementation make sense for our business / IT plan?
  • How would you evaluate these types of vendors?
  • What type of solution would you recommend here?
  • Why did we hardly get any responses to our RFP?
  • How can we stop vendors from contacting other employees?
RFP Development consultation


per call*

*It takes time to understand where and why you’re blocked, so we’ll wrap it up once we figure a way forward. Don’t worry about the time it takes.

For further details please visit the FAQ “Fees” section.

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