Strategic vendor selection

At RFP Development we're committed
to helping your team find the best possible IT vendor for your implementation.

We make sure that you have all the information to make an informed decision
on who your partner should be and how to go about your negotiation strategy.
All while you set the grounds for a healthy relationship with the vendor.


Introducing the 5s IT vendor filter®.
We’ve all dealt with incompetent vendors: it’s frustrating, infuriating and extremely costly.

We take a few steps back to make sure that Business and Project needs are understood properly before searching for ideal vendors with a required solution. Writing and distributing the actual Request for Proposal document is done in Stage 4, once the previous stages have been completed.

My mission: to help you filter out incompetence
through a structured RFP development process


Hi, I’m Albert Lluís and I’ve seen too many projects fail and too many companies suffer the consequences of failed implementations. Although the reasons for failure are infinite, it’s crucial to set the grounds for success, especially when it comes to long-term IT implementations.

Knowing how to write RFPs (Request For Proposals) and scouting the market for potential vendors is crucial for a successful implementation.

I want to make sure companies invest wisely in trusted partners. This is why I created this reliable, objective and neutral process that should be executed before starting any IT implementation project.

Thus, dramatically reducing the risk of project failures.


Are you doing developing
Request for Proposals correctly?

A win-win-win RFP Development process


Positive for companies

Bottom-line financials
Budget vs Real costs are within a 1% deviation over a 3-year time period

Trusted partner
With clear SLAs and non-compliance SLAs you know what to expect from partners if anything goes wrong

Painless communication
All communications with vendors are filtered by me allowing you to focus just on business and results

Positive for teams

Part of the decision
Key users and team members are part of the selection process and can define what to expect from partners

Ready at kick-off
Since 95% of requirements have already been detailed, teams can start working once the partner comes on board

Long term morale
Knowing the scale of the implementation right from the start and having clear milestones will help manage team morale along the way

Positive for vendors

Clear expectations
Vendors who decide to take part in the process know from day 1 what to be expected from the client and the implementation

They know that all vendors are treated fairly throughout the process and that they all begin at the starting line

Vendors know that clients are serious about the project and that it’s not simply a lead